the best of the best for 2007

31 Dec

The end of the year always brings out the annual “Best Of” lists. From fashion to food to movies, you look back and get to reminisce about your fav’s for the year. So here are my top 5 of everything. Hopefully 2008 brings us more adventures in food, fashion, and all things entertaining.

1. Smitten Kitchen’s Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake- Are you kidding me? Brownies, cheesecake, chocolate ganache? Yes please. Nothing could top this ultra rich, ultra decadent, ultra pants-busting cheesecake. My mouth is watering just THINKING about it.

2. Bea’s Red Charlotte– All hail the queen of all cakes! Strawberry mousse piled on top of a strawberry sponge cake is like a girl’s dream. The colors from the fruit mixed with the rimmed ladyfingers reminded me of the kind of cakes I used to enjoy as a kid. Who says you can’t have fun with your food?

3. Fanny’s Garlic and Parsley small bread– It was hard to just pick one recipe from my favorite French blog, Foodbeam, but I narrowed it down to this one. While I constantly bookmark all her chocolate recipes, this garlic bread was my ultimate favorite. It reminded me of the wonderful bread I had when I was in France a year ago. Plus, her pictures are easy guides for us novice bakers.

4. Jen’s supernatural brownie– I am always on the prowl for the best brownie recipes. Jen at Bake or Break has a great collection of recipes, but this recipe made my year. Right after I read this recipe, I rushed into the kitchen, and whipped myself up some amazing brownies. I think the half empty pan is proof that I loved this brownie.

5. Milk & Cookies Little Pistachio and Raspberry Cakes– This was the first food blog I had ever been to and her cute pictures and cooking stories suckered me right in. The colors in the cake make it appetizing to the eye and I bet it tastes as succulent as it looks. I love her creative posts!

1. Waitress– Keri Russel plays a tortured wife whose only enjoyment comes from making pies and her secret affair with her doctor. Such a cute storyline, and the pies are mouthwatering.
2. Sweeney Todd– a great adult musical with Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter. Love the gore, the filth, and everything else in this Burton film.
3. Paris, Je T’aime– the collection of short films in this movie will make you laugh, cry, and wish that you lived in Paris.
4. Knocked Up-Heigl really hits her mark here in this film. I think I died of laughter watching this movie.
5. La Vie En Rose– Marion Cotillard’s performance of Edith Piaf will break your heart.

1. Back to Black Amy Winehouse- I know, this cd came out in 2006 but it never left my cd player in 2007.
2. Under the Blacklight Rilo Kiley- Jenny Lewis can do no wrong.
3. Combinations Eisley- Haunting voices and lyrics, and catchy as all hell.
4. Graduation Kanye West- great workout music and the duet with Chris Martin is my favorite song on the whole album.
5. Neptune City Nicole Atkins- Her voice reminds me of Billie Holiday and Fiona Apple mixed together. Musically, the songs on the album sounds completely different and sound soft ad vibrant at the same time.

Television shows:
1. “Entourage”- You just don’t get any better than Lloyd, Ari, and the boys. In that order too!
2. “Ugly Betty”- This show leaves me in tears from laughing so hard. The one-liners in this show are priceless!
3. “The Office”- Steve Carrell is on top of his A game here. Plus I’m dying to see what happens with Jim & Pam.
4. “Grey’s Anatomy”- Even though it’s been a rough year for this show, I will still put it up on this list because I love the characters. I am just hoping for better writing and better plotlines. And no more George and Izzie. Ew.
5. “The Hills”- I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to this show. Yes I know its fake and scripted, but it’s so freaking entertaining and full of drama. Plus, I don’t mind LC, but don’t get me started on Heidi… hehe.


1. Tights- it was the year of the tights, no doubt. I love them under skirts, with boots, under dresses. But I will draw the line and not wear them in lieu of pants a la Lindsay Lohan. No, that’s just weird.
2. Patent- nothing says sexy and hot like my red patent flats.
3. Menswear for the ladies- I say yes to vests, wide leg pants, even suspenders.
4. The Bee Hive- The bigger the better. Time to tune into your inner Amy Winehouse, at least hairwise.
5. Stacked heels- anything that can push me to 5′ 10 limits that I long for without being a stiletto is a favorite in my book.

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