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A Blogger’s Dilemma

29 Mar

Remember the days when blogging was all about writing? I’m talking particularly about food blogging. When I started doing this (3 years ago, I think?) my main goal was to write.

Just simply write.

I felt that I was lucky enough to find an outlet like photography to compliment my blog but my focus was writing. And the sweet stuff didn’t hurt either.

Now, I feel that I am in constant search of original content. Is this someone’s true feelings or is it a product pitch? I think I’ve gotten more cynical (haha obviously) with my blogging experience. Maybe not cynical but definitely more disappointed. I have a handful of blogs that I follow that have continued to inspire me. These blogs are the reason why I keep doing this.

Not sure if you noticed, but I signed this blog up for a Facebook Fan Page. It was an impulsive move, one that I stayed away from for so long but decided would be fun. I didn’t expect the pressure that would come with it. Gotta get more fans, Gotta post more… It’s insane what a little fan page can do to me but it really made me rethink why I’m here. After a little time, I realized that I really do care what you all think. Because you are not just a number to me. Not just a statistic. You are a real, breathing human being. And I hope you find the SLH Fan Page to be a useful forum for discussion.

So, to be clear, this is my stance.

I’m not here to sell you products that I have never used before.

I’m not here to become a blogging superstar.

I’m simply here to share some experiences and engage in discussion.

Sounds simple, but the world of blogging has shifted so much in the past year. It’s hard to know my place. What I do know is that I like this space. I also like my other blog which chronicles the more mundane things in my life as well as inspiration points. I like juggling the two as it gives me two spaces to record my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve always been brutally honest here. I never shy away from talking about my high and (more often) lows. I hope that this kind of honesty is at least respected. If not, click out of the browser.

But for everyone else, thanks for staying. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for sending me emails in response to my other post. It was nice to know other people thought and felt the same way.

Thanks for just being here.


Summer Break

7 Jun

You will have to forgive me but I am a little preoccupied. You see, a very fun Aussie is in town and we are hitting the road.

On Sunday, we met up for a little blogger meet up and guess who showed her pretty face? My favorite lady, Tracy from Shutterbean. We gabbed about all kinds of things while downing some yummy cocktails. I’ve got some major love for that lady.

Anyways, Linda and I plan on taking Los Angeles by storm. I plan on parking my butt on the beach everyday with a cocktail in hand. Be back sometime next week, hopefully thoroughly relaxed and a little sunburned.

a baking break

21 Jun

In the past month, I’ve baked: one big birthday cake for my mom, a peanut butter pie for a friend’s birthday, peanut butter with chocolate cookies for a baby shower, a batch of peanut butter sandwich cookies for coworkers, a blackberry jam cake that is perfect for picnics, and two other recipes that have yet to featured here. To be honest, I’m exhausted. My kitchen is a mess, and you know you need a baking break when you grimace at the mere sight of the butter and eggs stacking up in your fridge.

Not only that, but it’s summer. Duh. I would rather be out walking around town than be stuck at home slaving away in my kitchen. With 100 degree heat. Not good, my friends.

Unfortunately, things in the baking department will come to a slow halt here. Don’t cry, things will be fine. I will post the remaining two recipes I’ve got and then who knows. I’m going to put a self-imposed baking block for about 4 weeks, which can be a lifetime in the blogging world. But I’m not going to leave you hanging.

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the best of the best for 2007

31 Dec

The end of the year always brings out the annual “Best Of” lists. From fashion to food to movies, you look back and get to reminisce about your fav’s for the year. So here are my top 5 of everything. Hopefully 2008 brings us more adventures in food, fashion, and all things entertaining.

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