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Meet & Greets with NYC Bloggers

12 Jun

Park, ave, nyc, photography

Thanks to the power of Twitter, I became a little busy social bee last week! I had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely New York City bloggers, Lauren & Caroline, whose blogs I follow and love to read. While I have a handful of hilarious, sweet friends in the city, I am always looking for new interesting people to chat with.

The great thing about meeting bloggers via Twitter is that you get a better sense of who they are. Blogging is such a one-sided street and sometime, meeting a blogger can be a letdown because who YOU thought they were is not who THEY really are. However, the great social media gods remedied this problem with the invention of Twitter. Reading these ladies tweets and seeing their personality in 140 characters (or less) made sack up and see if they would be open to meeting up. And luckily, they were!

If you are looking for two new blogs to add to your expanding Google Reader (seriously, mine is crazy!), I highly recommend these two. During last week’s crazy apocalyptic weather, Lauren and I shared a drink and chatted about everything. Normally I’m pretty nervous about meeting people via the webs but she has been so kind and sweet, I didn’t feel awkward at all.

hotel, new, york, city, photograpy

On Friday, I visited the ever-so regal Plaza Hotel where I met with Caroline, who recently moved to NYC from Texas. Over delicious cocktails, we talked about celebrities, the perils of NYC, and the crazy world of blogging. I can’t wait to meet up with her again in the future and gab some more!

Hopefully, you all visit these two ladies. I think you will be definitely impressed!


Blogs to watch in 2010

7 Jan

Last year, I stumbled over some swoonworthy blogs that perked up my long office days.Visiting these uplifting and insightful blogs made my days go by faster. Not to mention, the women behind these blogs are damn adorable. I give you my list of blogs to watch for 2010. I hope you share some linkage with me too. What sites are you currently subscribed to?

1. Cupcakes & Cashmere– Emily is like my fashion soulmate. I long to go on a shopping spree with her.

2. For Me, For You– Smart, cute, crafty. What more could you ask for?

3. Sunday Suppers– Thoughtful menus, and heavenly photos.

4. Sprouted Kitchen– a healthy dose of greens and cake. Plus, Sara is a doll.

5. Sparkling Ink– Design, recipes, photography. The whole nine yards.

6. Sally Jane Vintage- A serious fashionista, her outfits and photography are stunning. She gives me such style inspiration and she has such an eye for vintage clothes.

7. Felicia Sullivan– Her memoir, “The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here” left a profound mark on me and I highly encourage you all to grab a copy. Not only does the girl write a pretty fantastic book, she also runs her own blog where she documents her adventures both in and out of the kitchen. Beauty reviews, shopping trips, you name it, she’s done it. And, she happens to be one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met.

In fact, she kindly asked me to write a guest blog for her and I couldn’t resist. Please click on over and read my little post.

Only in San Francisco

6 Nov


The best part about living in Northern California is the proximity to the great attractions in California. I’m only a couple of hours away from the gorgeous Sierra Nevadas and the sparkling skyscrapers in San Francisco.  Unfortunately, my crazy work schedule has cut down on my day trips, but next week, I’m heading out on a fun girls trip to San Francisco. When the folks at Six Apart Media and the San Francisco Vistor’s Bureau contacted me about being a part of their Shop SF Bloggers campaign, I immediately said yes.

San Francisco will always hold a special part in my heart. I can remember the first time I traveled over the terrifying steel Bay Bridge, my eyes widening as a houses perched on hills and tall buildings slowly appeared. Throughout the years, I continued to visit the city, taking in the sights and sounds of this adventurous city. By far, the most memorable trip to San Francisco was in high school. My friends and I decided to ditch class and head out to the city, all by ourselves. We hopped on the subway, and spent a day just running around. In retrospect, it was pretty reckless, and my mom never found out (until now) but it was a great day that I won’t ever forget.



I’ve already got some plans for next weekend. I’ve got a couple of tickets to see the “Wicked”, one of my favorite musicals ever. I also plan on doing some shopping and eating. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments section. A trip to Miette and hopefully the Bi-Rite creamery are a must. I might get crazy and head over to Tartine too. Plan on some live blogging action next weekend as I spill all the details about my trip!

too much good stuff

2 Aug

Do you ever get that crazy-excited feeling after seeing something fantastic or reading an exciting book? Like you couldn’t keep it to yourself and feel that you must spill the details to just about everyone and their mom?? I’ve been feeling that recently so I compiled all these good things in to one post for you all. Just because I love you that much :)

(500) Days of Summer might be my favorite movie of the summer, a title formally held by “The Hangover” and the last Harry Potter. Refreshing and charming, this movie is about the demise of a relationship, and the days leading up to that breakup. Zooey Deschanel, my girl crush, plays a selfish yet quirky Summer, who is the object of Tom’s affection. Joseph-Gordon Levitt plays the troubled boyfriend so well and your heart breaks while you watch this relationship fall apart. Sad yet sweet, I walked out of the theatre wanting to laugh and cry at the same time. Go see it, and tell me what you think. I’m sure you will love it too!

Always the creative bunch, Coldplay released their new video for “Strawberry Swing” and it’s visually stunning. A great concept for a sweet song. Click here to check it out.

Lastly, I’ve become utterly consumed with a couple new blogs. Here are my current must-reads:

Can you believe it’s already August? I swear, time is moving faster and faster these days. I’m so lucky that I get to spend the next weekend at Half Moon bay, relaxing and taking in the beautiful California Coast. It’s a mini vacation, a brief break from Sacramento and I hope to get in a ton of new pictures. But first we got to survive the rest of the work week. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and had a refreshing weekend.

busy as a bee

17 May

All of a sudden, I am finding myself as busy as a bee, which is a relief since i hate standing still. I’d thought in lieu of a recipe, I’d share some things that have been on my recently. Almost like housekeeping for Slow Like Honey


First off, I should introduce my new blog, Head Over Heels. If you wanted to know more about me and my ridiculously weird life, head on over there. but be warned, it is a personal blog so if you don’t like what I write, then you obviously don’t like me. So we can’t be friends anymore. You know what I mean? Anyways, I will still post here but the other one will be a daily-posting-blog. If you get my drift… 


Secondly, I want to share these photos since they are fantastic. I love the portait session Marion Cotillard did for French Elle. I have a huge girl crush on this lady and she loks ultra glamrous in these black and white shots. I can’t wait to see her with my love, Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. Images from Magnifique Marion.


Lastly, I hope you all go out and rent this movie. Have you seen I’ve Loved You So Long? It was so moving, and Kristin Scott Thomas delivered a fine performance. The movie has a quiet solitude and silent beauty to it. Go see it, I swear it will break your heart… 

Anyways, I’m planning on doing a weekend-wrap up post tomorrow too. I hope you guys all enjoy your Sunday and are relaxing or spending time with loved ones.

an open door

13 Apr

I know what you are thinking. “What the hell is going on?”, “Where is she?” “Did she forget about her blog?”. The truth is, I haven’t felt the urge to blog or write in general about anything these past weeks. Which, ironically, is when I should be writing because that is when feelings/emotions get all pent up. But just because I haven’t been here doesn’t mean I haven’t been active. I twitter, I flickr, I follow other favorite blogs. But coming here and writing down what I’ve been thinking about seemed like such a chore. Actually, leaving my house at all seemed like such a chore!

Finally, this morning I woke up and realized that it was time to shake off this sad cloud and live life with an open door, welcoming all and any challenges. It’s April, the sun is shining, and you have no excuse for hiding out in your house. I strapped on my running shoes which had been idle for a week, felt my heart race and the sweat drip down my face. It’s hard to put in to words what I felt, but it was a great moment.

Another great moment was finally feeling the urge to get back in the kitchen. This whole living-your-own transition is ten times harder than I thought. I never thought that growing up was so hard but that final clean break is killer. No wonder I’ve felt out of it! Learning to take care if yourself both physically and mentally are skills you can only gain through experience and I am getting better at it everyday.

You know what helps with this transition? Peanut butter brownies. Yup, how could I stay away from the allure of peanut butter. It was fate, destined to be. 

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what would you like to see?

29 Mar

There comes a time for every blogger when the water runs dry. You shockingly realize that you don’t have anything to write about.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. (On a side note, why does zilch mean zero? How random…)

It’s a little frightening, especially when you’ve got tons of inspiration yet no motivation. I’ve been dreaming about Sassy’s Sweet & Salty cake, as well as Lindsay’s Dark Chocolate Creme De Menthe Cupcakes. You’d think that with inspiration like that, I’d get my ass back in the kitchen. But my oven has been turned off for quite some time, and my poor friends are begging for some sugary treats.

This is where you come in. What do you think I should bake? What recipe should re-awaken the Slow Like Honey kitchen? I’m all ears. Submit your answers in the poll below and I promise to get cracking. Scouts honor :)

sacramento love

4 Feb

Downtown Sacramento is growing by leaps and bounds. I used to think that Sacramento was a boring ole hick town but since moving out of the suburbs, I’ve realized that Sacramento has a fun, vital pulse of energy located in the heart of its downtown district. Little indie shops, delicious restaurants, and amusing cafes fill the streets. I’ve realized that I don’t talk enough about my hometown, a city that I have grown to love. For many, Sacramento is just another government city, full of politicians and empty streets. But its residents know better. It’s like a secret they refuse to divulge. What might seem like a boring town is really a thriving community.

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what a lovely way to burn

28 Nov

I don’t know about you, but I am still stuffed from last night. I probably should’ve left that midnight slice of pie alone, but I couldn’t resist. Recipes and pictures will be up soon. I’m taking the rest of the weekend off to relax and attempt to walk off the turkey baggage :)

In regards to “Twilight”, I admit, it was good. Not blow-you-away good but entertaining and enjoyable. If you have read the books, it won’t let you down. I bet the sequels will be ten times better due to the bigger budget. Plus, with him on screen, you can’t help but like the movie. I should probably let you in on a secret: Whoorl and I are starting a stalkers-r-us group. You can join, but you can’t judge!

I leave you with these gorgeous photos I found over at one of my favorite blogs. If you are in to fashion editorial photography, this is the place for you.

Photography by Jonathan Leder

Car show

Vogue Germany December 2008

Happy Blog-day!

30 Oct

Eating a Serendipity sundae in NYC

Eating a Serendipity sundae in NYC

It’s hard to believe that it was only a year ago that I started this blog, but it’s true. With a rather pathetic recipe for chocolate cupcakes, Slow Like Honey was born. After 377 posts and over 1300 comments, my blog has grown into something bigger than I have ever thought. Who knew it’d be so much fun writing about things I love and taking pictures of everything I adore?! I hope you guys stick around for another year, who knows what is going to happen!

I’ve met some great people and shared tips with Robin, Kristin, Steph, Nicole, and the lovely Joy. Every time I see posts from Helene, Bea, Heidi, and Elise, I get inspired to try new techniques, and new ideas start forming in m brain. I’ve also learned that there is no need to be scared of the kitchen, a sentiment a lot of younger people share. “Get in there, play around and don’t be afraid to get messy” is my motto. 

In honor of my blog’s birthday, instead of debuting another recipe, I wanted to do a little roundup of my old favorite recipes, and also share a fun little list I saw on Elastic Waist. It’s kind of nice to take a slight breather from baking nonstop, which is what I’ve been doing all week!

Some of my favorite recipes include the following:

Carrot Cake: this is one of my most requested items. My mom has started to take orders for this cake! Seriously!

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake: this is the most popular recipe on this website. Even now, my friend’s crave this cake.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Macaroni & Cheese: I think that this takes the regular Mac & Cheese to the next level. It might even beat the blue box :)

Perfect Party Cake: as far as aesthetics go, this was one of the prettiest cakes I’ve made. Not to mention, it was super sweet with a crunchy coconut bite. And the frosting was addicting!

Perfect Party Cake

One Bowl White Chocolate Pecan Cookies: Jill O’Connor became my hero when she wrote this recipe. Don’t even make these if you are a fellow cookie monster like me.

One Bowl White Chocolate Pecan Cookies

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