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Outfit Inspiration – New Series!

14 Jun

Today marks the beginning of Outfit Inspiration, a new series on SLH! Style, not just fashion, has always been a hobby of mine and after moving to NYC, it has become an even bigger passion. The women in New York are gorgeous, sophisticated, chic, trendy… I’ve heard it said that the most stunning women in the world live in Manhattan and I wouldn’t debate that! Beautiful, confident and effortlessly stylish, I think New York women could give those Parisians a run for their money.

With inspiration on every corner, I figured I’d share some of my favorites here in this little space of mine. Now some of you might be wondering if this is going to become a fashion blog and the answer is NO! SLH is a place where inspiration runs wild, from fashion to food. And everything in between :) Anyways, here is my first post.

This Proenza Schouler dress worn on Jamie King is the epitome of summertime chic. From the prints to the cut, I wish I had enough money to buy my own. Till then, I’ll just swoon over this picture.


Oscars Best Dressed

28 Feb

I think Cate Blanchett (in Givenchy) and Michelle Williams (in Chanel) were my favorite. Mila Kunis is a stunner so her Elie Saab dress just accentuated that. Also how cute does Hailee Steinfied (in Marchesa) look? Totally age appropriate…

Some Inspiration…

23 Feb

We are heading in to the dreary days of winter. I think February is one of the most depressing months. However, New York Fashion Week comes right in the middle, offering me a little bit of inspiration when I desperately need it. Here are some of my favorite images. They almost make up for this long winter. Almost.

Monique Lhuillier


Tracy Reese

Chris Benz

images from style.com

Golden Globes recap

17 Jan

Some people were busy watching the football game yesterday. But I was watching another game. The Golden Globes to be exact. These are some of my favorites, starting with January Jones. Always a risk-taker, her vibrant lipstick and Veronica-Lake hair matched that Versace dress perfectly. Great styling and amazing look!

January Jones in Versace

Natalie Portman in Viktor and Rolf.

Angelina Jolie in Versace

Anne Hathaway in Armani

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein

And just because this was a female heavy post, I’ll add in my kind of man-candy.

You are welcome.

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Golden Globe dress heaven!

13 Jan

Nothing gets me more excited than donning a fabulous dress and heading to a big soiree. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of life I live. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy these spectacles though. The 2011 Golden Globes are coming this weekend and a few of my favorite films including The Kids Are Alright, The Fighter, Blue Valentine, and Black Swan are up for awards. More importantly, I can’t wait to see what the Hollywood glamour girls are going to wear. I’m keeping my eyes on Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Mila Kunis, January Jones, Sandra Bullock, and Emily Blunt. These ladies definitely have some super talented stylists because the tend to liven up the otherwise boring red carpet.

From the Spring 2011 RTW Runway collection, I have picked out some of my dream dresses.

J. Mendel- Ballerina-esque

Monique Lhuillier- glitter gal

Temperley London- Grecian goddes

I’d like to think that if I could somehow afford it, I’d wear these beautiful dresses, drink copious amounts of champagne, and have on my arm a handsome stud like Jon Hamm or Ryan Gosling.

A girl can dream, right?

Who are you excited to see? Or do you even watch the Golden Globes?

winter uniform

9 Dec

images by Kelly Stuart from Elle

1. Leather Jacket

2. Black tights

3. Glasses

4. Heels (I prefer boots)

5. Bad-ass attitude.

Dress Inspiration

2 Dec

Holiday parties can be dreadful, but I find that if I wear a dress I love, the party becomes ten times more manageable. This year, I want to wear something youthful yet refined, with an edge of class. Also, I want a versatile dress that I can wear to numerous parties.

Kate, founder of one of my favorite blogs For Me, For You, posted a link to the wonderful Church & State website, and I think I found my ultimate party dress. It can be dressed up with a fancy cardigan or a nice trench coat for the colder weather. To wear to the office, put on some tights and boots and you are good to go.

For more dress inspiration, check out Church & State.


2 Nov

I don’t what clicked, but it seemed like all of a sudden, a big bout of creativity came flying back to me. For a while, it felt like a creative drought; I wasn’t inspired anything. Music was muted, photos looked dull. But I’ve recently come across certain things that have gotten my creativity flowing. Can I share them with you? It’s a random collection, but it’s given me a much-needed renewal.

Every once in a while, I fantasize about opening my own restaurant, bakery, café. A place where people could come together, spend an afternoon laughing over drinks and food. When I start letting my thoughts go down that path, I imagine what it would look like. I haven’t had the chance to visit in The Mermaid Inn in New York City but the next time I am in town, it’s on my agenda. I adore the logo, the photos, and the website. The design and the aesthetics of the restaurant compliment each other beautifully.

There is no way I could afford one night in this gorgeous hotel, but one day, I will stay at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City. The modern, clean, yet comfortable design fits my own personal design motto. I like how the hotel mixes bright colors against a neutral pallete. If I could decorate my house like this place, I’d never want to leave.

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Eye candy

22 Oct

I promised myself that I would stay away from any dangerous shopping activity until the end of the holiday season. With Christmas and birthdays coming up, my money shouldn’t be spent on myself. Tis the season to think of others, right? But that doesn’t mean I can’t look. I am currently loving the photography in Anthropologie’s October catalog.

And yes, any excursions to Anthropologie has been classified as dangerous. To both my bank account and my closet…

Ruffles, done right

14 Oct

Whoever says ruffles are a fashion no-no should have a look at Lanvin’s Spring 2010 collection. I love the color palette, ruffles, nipped in waist, and soft draping.  Don’t forget the almond-shaped shoes too! It’s probably one of my favorite collections.

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