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Outfit Inspiration – New Series!

14 Jun

Today marks the beginning of Outfit Inspiration, a new series on SLH! Style, not just fashion, has always been a hobby of mine and after moving to NYC, it has become an even bigger passion. The women in New York are gorgeous, sophisticated, chic, trendy… I’ve heard it said that the most stunning women in the world live in Manhattan and I wouldn’t debate that! Beautiful, confident and effortlessly stylish, I think New York women could give those Parisians a run for their money.

With inspiration on every corner, I figured I’d share some of my favorites here in this little space of mine. Now some of you might be wondering if this is going to become a fashion blog and the answer is NO! SLH is a place where inspiration runs wild, from fashion to food. And everything in between :) Anyways, here is my first post.

This Proenza Schouler dress worn on Jamie King is the epitome of summertime chic. From the prints to the cut, I wish I had enough money to buy my own. Till then, I’ll just swoon over this picture.


Life Goes On

21 Mar

Last week was not a good one. In fact, it might go down as the worst week of 2011. Granted we are only 1/4 of the way though 2011 so I guess there is room for growth? What was the reason behind this ? Without getting too specific, I experienced a pretty powerful professional disappointment. A blow that touched all my insecurities and fears, making me want to curl up in a ball with a sappy movie and a box of tissues. Combine that with a major pang of homesickness and a quiet home ( goodbye Tania, my recent home guest), let’s just say that I wasn’t a ball of sunshine.

However, life goes on. Right? That’s what everyone says. Tsunamis hit, the earth quakes, wars start, and yet life goes on. It may not be as bright or as hopeful as it used to be but the world keeps spinning.

Sometimes it just takes a little comfort to get you back on your feet. For me, that is a Cookies’ n ‘Cream cupcake, Skype dates with my mom, and a weekend spent lounging in bed with the sun streaming in.

Going Bananas

21 Feb

You’ve probably been wondering what’s been going on behind the scenes. I was burnt out after the holidays and officially set a hiatus for all baking projects. Blame it on the mentioned winter blues or the fact that I’ve been trying to watch my wallet (and baking ingredients aren’t cheap) but it’s true. What’s strange to me is that I don’t really care. Before, I’d feel empty or lost because baking was a creative outlet. It may sound weird, but my fellow bakers out there know what I am talking about. Creating something delicious and decadent out of a few basic ingredients is a lot of fun. I’m not even talking about the photography part of it either, although that happens to be one of my favorite parts of the baking project.

To wake up my motivation, I bought Karen DeMasco’s “Craft of Baking” hoping I’d get inspiration. But that didn’t work either. In desperation,I sat down with a journal and  went back to basics. What flavors sound delicious right now when winter is passing and spring is just around the corner? What is a daily staple in my diet? What can I not live without. Suddenly, it became clear. Bananas were on the horizon. Specifically, a Classic Banana Bundt Cake from the reliable Dorie Greenspan.

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2 Nov

I don’t what clicked, but it seemed like all of a sudden, a big bout of creativity came flying back to me. For a while, it felt like a creative drought; I wasn’t inspired anything. Music was muted, photos looked dull. But I’ve recently come across certain things that have gotten my creativity flowing. Can I share them with you? It’s a random collection, but it’s given me a much-needed renewal.

Every once in a while, I fantasize about opening my own restaurant, bakery, café. A place where people could come together, spend an afternoon laughing over drinks and food. When I start letting my thoughts go down that path, I imagine what it would look like. I haven’t had the chance to visit in The Mermaid Inn in New York City but the next time I am in town, it’s on my agenda. I adore the logo, the photos, and the website. The design and the aesthetics of the restaurant compliment each other beautifully.

There is no way I could afford one night in this gorgeous hotel, but one day, I will stay at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City. The modern, clean, yet comfortable design fits my own personal design motto. I like how the hotel mixes bright colors against a neutral pallete. If I could decorate my house like this place, I’d never want to leave.

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product love

14 Jul

We are told not to judge a book by it’s cover but let’s be honest: when it comes to buying new products at the store, our eyes are trained to find those goods with only the most appealing labels. I started analyzing my own spending habits and realized that I spend a lot of money buying goods that have pretty adorable packaging. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites, shall we?

A UK beauty bestseller, I first discovered Boots when I was traveling in London. You can’t help but run in to a Boots shop in the UK; it’s like a Sephora or Ulta. But when I saw their cosmetic line at Target last month, I was intrigued. Look at how cute their labels are?

I wasn’t able to enjoy brunch at Sarabeths in NY but you can buy their special jams and relishes at specialty stores or online. What first drew me in was their simple label. Black and white with a small border. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best marketing tactic.

My ultimate favorite summer dessert is frozen yogurt. I’ve always professed my love for this addicting stuff but when Yogurt-A-Go-Go came in to town, my frozen yogurt expectations were shattered. Their yogurt is the best, hands down. Not to mention that their store design and logo are eye-catching and wonderfully colored.

busy as a bee

17 May

All of a sudden, I am finding myself as busy as a bee, which is a relief since i hate standing still. I’d thought in lieu of a recipe, I’d share some things that have been on my recently. Almost like housekeeping for Slow Like Honey


First off, I should introduce my new blog, Head Over Heels. If you wanted to know more about me and my ridiculously weird life, head on over there. but be warned, it is a personal blog so if you don’t like what I write, then you obviously don’t like me. So we can’t be friends anymore. You know what I mean? Anyways, I will still post here but the other one will be a daily-posting-blog. If you get my drift… 


Secondly, I want to share these photos since they are fantastic. I love the portait session Marion Cotillard did for French Elle. I have a huge girl crush on this lady and she loks ultra glamrous in these black and white shots. I can’t wait to see her with my love, Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. Images from Magnifique Marion.


Lastly, I hope you all go out and rent this movie. Have you seen I’ve Loved You So Long? It was so moving, and Kristin Scott Thomas delivered a fine performance. The movie has a quiet solitude and silent beauty to it. Go see it, I swear it will break your heart… 

Anyways, I’m planning on doing a weekend-wrap up post tomorrow too. I hope you guys all enjoy your Sunday and are relaxing or spending time with loved ones.

have I lost you, flightless bird…

1 Apr

Since I have yet to get my act together in the kitchen, I thought I’d share some of my current obsessions. I’m a simple girl and the little things rock my socks off.

Like realizing that my favorite girl, Jenny Lewis, is coming to town! Awesome! I already bought my tickets and can’t wait…

Enjoy the rest of my obsessions following the cut:)

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friday flickr favorites

27 Mar

Lots of white, pastel hues, and soft light. Spring is definitely on my mind!


Flickr Favorites

Flickr Favorites

1. Would you like your Red Velvet cupcake served with bokeh?, 2. I ♥ cupcakes!, 3. IMGB_DeerMontage3, 4. chips and chips and chips, 5. Untitled, 6. March 22, 7. It’s spring…, 8. Untitled, 9. trying to figure out my imac, 10. Cornflake-Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookie, 11. Chicken Marsala, 12. chocolate covered gummibears, 13. Pioneer Square in the snow, 14. a box for you…, 15. Coconut Macaroons, 16. inner beauty, 17. It’s Gettin’ Easy., 18. Happy Weekend!, 19. muscles, 20. treats for the weary, 21. Cupcakes Party, 22. kitchen shelf, 23. Kelly street, 24. Vegan Cupcakes, 25. I am a runner, 26. Tiramisu, 27. March 18, 28. sandie, 29. في عيني ما مثله والله‎, 30. Untitled, 31. 3-16-09, 32. A hint of green., 33. 20090220_2720 copy, 34. Chocolate Mint Cupcake, 35. gq outtakes, 36. Chai Spiced Pancakes

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spring awakening

22 Mar

Fresh air.

Warm breezes.

Longer days.

Pitchers of sangria filled with fruit.

Laughter echoing through the streets.

Can you feel it? That slight shift in the earth. It’s spring, folks! And it’s finally come back.

A lot of things have been inspiring me, luring me out of that wintery dull cave. Fall 2009 Paris Fashion Week just wrapped up and I thought I would share some of my favorites pieces. All these designs and colors have made me excited again. I know that we are all suffering budget crunches and fashion/clothes seems frivolous right now, but who says you can’t look? 


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney







Christian Dior

Christian Dior



Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci

images from style.com.

in the bedroom

14 Oct

Most recently, I’ve had a slight bedroom fixation. Scouring magazines, clicking through lookbooks, ripping out pages in catalogs.

You’d think I was playing an intense game of Where’s Waldo (don’t even mess with me and that little man, I’m a force to be reckoned with.)

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