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A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

26 May

midtown, girl, walking
Hello SLH readers! I wanted to pop in before the weekend and say a quick hi.

Memorial Day is the official start for summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Normally I’m a fan of fall/winter but I’ve changed my tune! I’m ready for sunny days, warm weather, beach vacations, and most of all, plenty of time with close friends and family.

Speaking of which, I’m actually jetting out of town tonight to spend this holiday with my lovelies in California.

On my agenda: parking it on the beach, late-night drinks with friends, time with my family, and lots of guacamole & chips. Oh, and I fully plan on putting my camera to good use so get ready!

I hope you all have a splendid weekend… See you next Tuesday :)


Springtime in NYC

8 May Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Walks in Central Park.

Moving in to a new place.

Gazing at fresh flowers.

I love spring in New York City.

Spring in Central Park

A Blogger’s Dilemma

29 Mar

Remember the days when blogging was all about writing? I’m talking particularly about food blogging. When I started doing this (3 years ago, I think?) my main goal was to write.

Just simply write.

I felt that I was lucky enough to find an outlet like photography to compliment my blog but my focus was writing. And the sweet stuff didn’t hurt either.

Now, I feel that I am in constant search of original content. Is this someone’s true feelings or is it a product pitch? I think I’ve gotten more cynical (haha obviously) with my blogging experience. Maybe not cynical but definitely more disappointed. I have a handful of blogs that I follow that have continued to inspire me. These blogs are the reason why I keep doing this.

Not sure if you noticed, but I signed this blog up for a Facebook Fan Page. It was an impulsive move, one that I stayed away from for so long but decided would be fun. I didn’t expect the pressure that would come with it. Gotta get more fans, Gotta post more… It’s insane what a little fan page can do to me but it really made me rethink why I’m here. After a little time, I realized that I really do care what you all think. Because you are not just a number to me. Not just a statistic. You are a real, breathing human being. And I hope you find the SLH Fan Page to be a useful forum for discussion.

So, to be clear, this is my stance.

I’m not here to sell you products that I have never used before.

I’m not here to become a blogging superstar.

I’m simply here to share some experiences and engage in discussion.

Sounds simple, but the world of blogging has shifted so much in the past year. It’s hard to know my place. What I do know is that I like this space. I also like my other blog which chronicles the more mundane things in my life as well as inspiration points. I like juggling the two as it gives me two spaces to record my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve always been brutally honest here. I never shy away from talking about my high and (more often) lows. I hope that this kind of honesty is at least respected. If not, click out of the browser.

But for everyone else, thanks for staying. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for sending me emails in response to my other post. It was nice to know other people thought and felt the same way.

Thanks for just being here.

Life Goes On

21 Mar

Last week was not a good one. In fact, it might go down as the worst week of 2011. Granted we are only 1/4 of the way though 2011 so I guess there is room for growth? What was the reason behind this ? Without getting too specific, I experienced a pretty powerful professional disappointment. A blow that touched all my insecurities and fears, making me want to curl up in a ball with a sappy movie and a box of tissues. Combine that with a major pang of homesickness and a quiet home ( goodbye Tania, my recent home guest), let’s just say that I wasn’t a ball of sunshine.

However, life goes on. Right? That’s what everyone says. Tsunamis hit, the earth quakes, wars start, and yet life goes on. It may not be as bright or as hopeful as it used to be but the world keeps spinning.

Sometimes it just takes a little comfort to get you back on your feet. For me, that is a Cookies’ n ‘Cream cupcake, Skype dates with my mom, and a weekend spent lounging in bed with the sun streaming in.

The First Day

3 Jan

When planning my trip home, I decided to stay in town to ring in the new year. I couldn’t imagine a better way to start of 2011 than with my friends and family.

2011 started in the best way possible:

  • Tiramisu Cake & coffee with my loveliest friend at a Sacramento hotspot
  • A thrilling movie that had the best costumes and acting I’ve seen in a while
  • The sweet taste of a Champagne Cocktail in a dark bar
  • Some light shopping from my favorite jewelry store
  • A quick cuddle from my furry boyfriend

I leave for NYC in 4 days and while I’m sad to leave, I am ready to get back to my NYC routine. The cafes, bars, museums, parks.

Wishes for 2011

29 Dec

Dear 2011,

I look forward to meeting you so soon. To be honest, I couldn’t believe you were coming but there you are, smack dab on my calendar. I’m not sure if you know this, but 2010 was a pretty big year. HUGE. I don’t mean to put pressure on you but I don’t think you can compete. Hence this letter. I’d like to give you some of my wishes and maybe you can outmatch 2010. What do you think? Here goes…

I’ve been working on my career, pushing myself to be what others want me to be. Stronger, faster, wiser. All those things delivered with a happy smile. But am I getting anywhere? I am not sure. I thought I had found a good place but things change and life points you to go down a different path. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made because I have met some truly remarkable women. However, I have my moments of fear. If you could send some confidence or reassurance my way, I’m sure it could help.

Family and friends have always been extremely important to me. Living 3,000 miles away has been a struggle and I haven’t kept my end of the bargain with maintaining those relationships. I need more help in that area. Maybe we can work together on this? Like giving me the patience for the telephone, which is a device I absolutely hate. Because these people play such big roles in my life and I don’t want to miss anything.

I’ve been pretty patient but I think its time for that some special to come in my life, don’t you think? I know things happen for a reason but I would really like them to happen now. If you can make him tall, nerdy, and full of laughter that would be exceptional. I need a good laugh.

Lastly, let’s talk about this New York City adventure I’m on. I want to maintain my positive attitude in a rather rough city that can suck the life out of you. Can you help with that? Sometimes I get so worked up, walking up and down these crowded streets, bumping in to cold strangers. If you could show me how to relax when I get home, to ignore the simple maladies that spring up, I’d really appreciate it.

xoxo Amanda

On the verge

25 Oct

Some days, I think I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. Other days, I feel as if I am on the verge of complete happiness. Trying to keep the balance between the two extremes is very draining but imperative. Since I arrived in New York City, I’ve questioned my decision to move here. It’s strange though- I don’t regret it but I question if I should stay. Does that make sense? I’m proud of making the big move. I’m proud that I’ve stayed even though I miss my family and friends more than I could have imagined.

On the days that I’m uncertain, I tell myself to get out of my crappy apartment and walk outside. Pinch yourself and open your eyes, I say. Because this time, your time, is now and don’t you waste your time wishing you were somewhere else. Make the most of it and learn.
It doesn’t hurt that right now New York City is gorgeous too.

Do I love New York? Well, that’s to be determined. But I love that I’m here, through thick and thin.

A Life Unexpected

13 Sep

Bridge bokeh

A year ago, I was stuck in a boring, uneventful job. I found myself in a deep depression, almost like I was lost at sea, unable to find my way back.

Last Friday night, I worked my tail off for 15 hours and met my ultimate fashion icon, a woman I have admired since I was in middle school. My heart was pumping, adrenaline was flowing, and I was smiling from ear to ear.

So much can change in a year. I’m living proof to that.

Battery Park

A close friend of mine told me that she doesn’t think she will ever be professionaly fulfilled. A year ago, I would have agreed and jumped on that pity bandwagon. But now, I know better. I told her to wait, that the universe is planning something bigger and better. “Your time will come because you are an amazing, compassionate young woman. Good things could not NOT happen to you,” I said. “I’m living proof. If you had told me last year that next September you’d be working in an exciting job, and living in the greatest city in the world, I would have told you to start taking your crazy pills.”

Last friday night, I stumbled home, my bones fatigued and feet in pain from walking all day. But my heart was light. I sent a little wish out in to the universe for you all. Can I share it? I promise it won’t be too corny…

I wished that all those who are down or stuck have faith that their time will come. The universe doesn’t always run on our schedule but that doesn’t mean she forgets about you. A little patience and perseverance helps.

Yes, more gelato

I hope my little life helps you discover your potential. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to over-fantasize my life. However, I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere but here.

ps. I also wished that you all could enjoy more gelato in your life. Go ahead, it’s delicious…

someone, get me a cocktail…

27 Jul


This could be the coolest thing ever. I just made myself in to a “Mad Men” character. I’d like to think I’m a more sane version of Betty… With a hint of Chinese flair, obviously… Make your own over here!

playing catch up

28 Jun

Hi all! How was your weekend? Mine was just what the doctor ordered. Attempting to make the most of this summer heat wave (100 degrees and above!), I spent the days lounging by the pool, with a tall drink in hand.

I got some fresh apricots and peaches, which are begging to be devoured. And I won’t lie, I enjoyed big cups of frozen yogurt three nights in a row.
Summer living. It’s a blast. Here’s to a great week…

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