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A Blogger’s Dilemma

29 Mar

Remember the days when blogging was all about writing? I’m talking particularly about food blogging. When I started doing this (3 years ago, I think?) my main goal was to write.

Just simply write.

I felt that I was lucky enough to find an outlet like photography to compliment my blog but my focus was writing. And the sweet stuff didn’t hurt either.

Now, I feel that I am in constant search of original content. Is this someone’s true feelings or is it a product pitch? I think I’ve gotten more cynical (haha obviously) with my blogging experience. Maybe not cynical but definitely more disappointed. I have a handful of blogs that I follow that have continued to inspire me. These blogs are the reason why I keep doing this.

Not sure if you noticed, but I signed this blog up for a Facebook Fan Page. It was an impulsive move, one that I stayed away from for so long but decided would be fun. I didn’t expect the pressure that would come with it. Gotta get more fans, Gotta post more… It’s insane what a little fan page can do to me but it really made me rethink why I’m here. After a little time, I realized that I really do care what you all think. Because you are not just a number to me. Not just a statistic. You are a real, breathing human being. And I hope you find the SLH Fan Page to be a useful forum for discussion.

So, to be clear, this is my stance.

I’m not here to sell you products that I have never used before.

I’m not here to become a blogging superstar.

I’m simply here to share some experiences and engage in discussion.

Sounds simple, but the world of blogging has shifted so much in the past year. It’s hard to know my place. What I do know is that I like this space. I also like my other blog which chronicles the more mundane things in my life as well as inspiration points. I like juggling the two as it gives me two spaces to record my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve always been brutally honest here. I never shy away from talking about my high and (more often) lows. I hope that this kind of honesty is at least respected. If not, click out of the browser.

But for everyone else, thanks for staying. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for sending me emails in response to my other post. It was nice to know other people thought and felt the same way.

Thanks for just being here.


A New Direction

5 Aug

Summer favorites, 6

1. giant cake, 2. Untitled

When I signed the papers stating my acceptance in to my grad program in New York, I knew big changes were in store for me. Photos, clothes, books, shoes, all packed up tightly. Accounts to be closed. And a blog to be pondered about.

In June, I talked with some friends of mine and we discussed the life cycle of a blog. Do you keep at it even when it seems like a chore? When is it time to close the curtain? How do you end it? Simply stop posting or delete it? Or do you change its focus to better fit your current life?

Summer favorites, 7

1. i love summer, 2. summer starts now

Three years, millions of recipes, and countless of emails have made this blog what it is. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do when I started it; I simply thought it would be an interesting project. Which it thankfully has. However, my teeny tiny apartment in NYC doesn’t accommodate my baking lifestyle. Frankly, it doesn’t allow for much besides a bed to sleep on and a place to hang my hat. Will this blog exist without weekly recipes and your insightful comments? Who knows?

I don’t know exactly what lies ahead for this blog. I love this little space of mine, a place where I can come and show things that make me happy. Not only do I find writing in this space fun, I have met some exceptionally wonderful people. Lovely ladies who make me laugh and smile. I wouldn’t trade those late night emails for the world.

Summer favorites, 81. 6, 2. Cherry Lime Ricky?

So. Here we are. I am not sure whats in store for this space. I have moments of spontaneity and want to shut it down. But I don’t want to end it when this new exciting chapter of my life is just starting. I think come September, this blog will be focused more on my life in New York City. Getting adjusted, taking millions of pictures, and exploring every nook and cranny? Does that sound like something you are interested in? I hope so. I would hate to see you all disappear but I understand.

If this is your first/last time here, thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ve entertained you in some way. For those who plan to stick around, thanks for your support. I’ve had a ton of fun and can’t wait to share my experiences here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Talk to you soon…

Lucky Winner + A Wish

8 Feb

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Valentine’s Day giveaway!

Sarah is the big winner, so if you are reading this, please email me your mailing information at Amanda@slowlikehoney.net.

If I could, I’d send you all care packages but sadly my meager budget is restricting me. I love hearing all your thoughts on Valentines Day. Who knew it was such a hot topic?! From the majority of your comments, it seems that the overall day seems a bit kitschy and overhyped, but you all still want to show your loved ones how special they are. I couldn’t agree more! This year, I find myself single and without any prospects on the horizon. Traditionally, I’d mourn my single status with endless glasses of champagne and more chocolate truffles than I could imagine. Feeling sorry for yourself when everyone else seems to be coupled up is so easy, right?

But this year, I’m taking a stand. I’m saying no to the pity party. Instead, I’m celebrating my single status. (For those of you who don’t know me, this is a big big deal. I can be pretty miserable when I’m single.) I’m not going to focus on what I don’t have; I’m going to focus on the many blessings I have. This Sunday, I’m having a huge party for all my fellow single gals and we are going to have a blast. More importantly, we are to celebrate the choices we’ve made and the lives we live. Instead of pining over a lost love, I’m going to show myself some love. I know that sounds weird and most of you are thinking I’ve taking too many crazy pills. But think about it. When was the last time you congratulated yourself for something you’ve done?

If you ask me, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all we do. Shuttling the kids to school//ballet/soccer practice, making countless lunches, doing the laundry, doing asinine projects at work, holding back the tears when you see your ex with someone new, finishing college, walking the dog. We do all these things without any praise and while we aren’t saving the world, I think we deserve some credit. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not take a moment to show some compassion to yourself for all the things you do. As my guru would say, “It’s a hard knock life.” (Yes, I just quoted Jay Z.)

Alright, I’m off my soapbox. No matter what you all do, I hope you know that you are loved by me.

flickr friday

8 May

Hi all! Happy friday! Before you skip out for the weekend, can you do me two favors? One, take a look at my girl Teri Lynn Fisher’s website. I adore all of her gorgeous photography and her portfolio screams California Cool!

Secondly, check out some of my flickr favorites. There are some keepers here, for sure…

1. circular levels of brobudur, 2. cream soda vanilla cupcake, 3. Milk Chocolate Pudding, 4. Untitled, 5. Tuna Sandwich, 6. slice of cake, 7. IMG_0761, 8. IMG_0839, 9. no comment, 10. the sweet life, 11. dress-dolls, 12. lemonade and punch supplies, 13. snack, 14. Untitled, 15. Ziegfeld Star 1920s, 16. Ziegfeld Girl, 17. The Girl in the Moon, 1923, 18. Unknown by Walter Fredrick Seely, 19. Louise Brooks, 20. One is not enough, eh?, 21. Almond Poppy Seed Scones, 22. Gail Ambrossius-9185-Edit, 23. lone rugelach, 24. IMG_9391, 25. chocolat chaud

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this is the sound of settling…

28 Apr

Last night, I saw Death Cab For Cutie and I have only two words: freaking fantastic. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I seriously have nothing but amazing words for those guys. The band’s energy plus the gorgeous vintage venue (Memorial Auditorium) made for an amazing night.

I had the best intentions for my afternoon today. After a boring and long 8 hours of non-stop training, I thought I’d share with a yummy and easy cake recipe, or at least mention my new Spring fashion finds.

But, folks, I am still in a concert coma. You know what I mean? A concert coma is like a constant mind haze that follows a concert, where all you think about is how GREAT the show was. In fact, right now, I am googling for more possible shows. The Cold War Kids were supposed to open for DCFC last night, but canceled due to illness. So I hope to catch them next week in SF. Anyways, you should go buy Death Cab’s new “Open Door” EP. I’ve been rocking out to this cd for the past three weeks.

sunday in sacramento

26 Apr

Sunday in Sacramento.

Farmer’s Market, Earth Day Celebration, Drinks and Pizza from Paesanos Pizzeria, leftover frozen yogurt from Yogurt-A-Go-Go.

Sun, food, & lots of fun.

How was your weekend?

I don’t wanna grow up…

9 Dec

Two week ago, I watched my best friend move in with her boyfriend, another good friend of mine who I’ve known since 7th grade, and it finally hit me: we were growing up.

Here she was, moving in. WITH A BOY! WHOA! Call me silly, stupid, naive, etc, but up until that point, it never crossed my mind that we were becoming A-D-U-L-T-S. Despite my impending 23rd birthday (9 days!), I don’t consider myself a grown up because of two things: I don’t pay a mortgage/rent/etc, and I don’t have a retirement plan. Very adult-like duties, don’t you think? 

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time for play

10 Jul

In an attempt to flee the rather smoky and disgusting skies, I decided to head off to San Francisco for the weekend. A little Indonesian food, some pastries, and clear sunny skies is on the agenda. Sadly, we will be dropping of my traveling cousin whom I haven’t been able to spend that much time due to my hectic schedule. I think a couple of days by the bay will be good. I hear that there is a craft fair at the Ferry too so I plan to hit that up.

Be back on Sunday with some pictures, hopefully :)

signed, sealed, delivered…

15 Mar

Dear Martha,

For years, you’ve capitivated me. As a young asian girl whose mother made nasi goreng and krupuk, I yearned for a mom who would have delicious chocolate chip cookies ready to be devoured after school, or to smell the yeasty fragrances of fresh bread early Saturday mornings. The grass is always greener, right? I used to dream of being the asian Martha, the one who had slanted eyes, and used chopsticks more. I think one year I even played with the idea of being you for Halloween. My friends laughed, but I was dead serious.

Martha, whether you realize or not, you are one of the most symbolic images of women today, especially in the media. The epitome of the All American dream. Blonde, successful, overachieving (probably to the point of obsessive compulsive), ex-jail convict (this makes you even more endearing). Like Oprah, you are a virtual staple in the American home.

But that doesn’t mean you haven’t mad mistakes.I’m not talking about that little Enron scandal either, because in my eyes, a little jail time never hurt anyone. In fact, it made you a bigger bad ass. But your reputation lately has been tarnished a bit. Unreliable recipes, weird directinos, and generally speaking, just bad results.

Never fear, Martha. I’m gonna give you a chance though. Your book, Martha Stewart Living: The New Classics is in the mail. This is your time to shine, old gal. Your fans are a a dying breed so you better come through.

Signed, sealed, and will be delivered in 2-3 days.

Ms. Stewart, I’m yours. For now at least.

a whole month?

2 Nov

Yup, that’s right. I joined “National Blog Posting for a Month”. Which is actually a really great way to introduce a blog to the world. Non-stop posting for a 30 days? Totally doable.

So what’s on my agenda for tonight? BAKING. These might be the best cookies ever. I’m totally excited. I’m hosting a potluck tomorrow at work so it’s my duty to bring in tasty sweets. Get ready for a post with recipe later. Now, I gotta get back to “Ugly Betty.” love this show…

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