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Meet & Greets with NYC Bloggers

12 Jun

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Thanks to the power of Twitter, I became a little busy social bee last week! I had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely New York City bloggers, Lauren & Caroline, whose blogs I follow and love to read. While I have a handful of hilarious, sweet friends in the city, I am always looking for new interesting people to chat with.

The great thing about meeting bloggers via Twitter is that you get a better sense of who they are. Blogging is such a one-sided street and sometime, meeting a blogger can be a letdown because who YOU thought they were is not who THEY really are. However, the great social media gods remedied this problem with the invention of Twitter. Reading these ladies tweets and seeing their personality in 140 characters (or less) made sack up and see if they would be open to meeting up. And luckily, they were!

If you are looking for two new blogs to add to your expanding Google Reader (seriously, mine is crazy!), I highly recommend these two. During last week’s crazy apocalyptic weather, Lauren and I shared a drink and chatted about everything. Normally I’m pretty nervous about meeting people via the webs but she has been so kind and sweet, I didn’t feel awkward at all.

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On Friday, I visited the ever-so regal Plaza Hotel where I met with Caroline, who recently moved to NYC from Texas. Over delicious cocktails, we talked about celebrities, the perils of NYC, and the crazy world of blogging. I can’t wait to meet up with her again in the future and gab some more!

Hopefully, you all visit these two ladies. I think you will be definitely impressed!


Some Inspiration…

23 Feb

We are heading in to the dreary days of winter. I think February is one of the most depressing months. However, New York Fashion Week comes right in the middle, offering me a little bit of inspiration when I desperately need it. Here are some of my favorite images. They almost make up for this long winter. Almost.

Monique Lhuillier


Tracy Reese

Chris Benz

images from style.com

On the red eye…

7 Jan

December27Snow_PresidentStreetby KarenWise

By the time you read this, I will at JFK, bleary-eyed but excited to be back. Talk to you on Monday!

Bon Voyage!

22 Aug

My bags are packed, and I’m off to NYC. Hopefully I can update the blog once I get there. I’ve got some important business on Monday but after that, I have a week to explore my new area.

Talk to you soon!

A New Direction

5 Aug

Summer favorites, 6

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When I signed the papers stating my acceptance in to my grad program in New York, I knew big changes were in store for me. Photos, clothes, books, shoes, all packed up tightly. Accounts to be closed. And a blog to be pondered about.

In June, I talked with some friends of mine and we discussed the life cycle of a blog. Do you keep at it even when it seems like a chore? When is it time to close the curtain? How do you end it? Simply stop posting or delete it? Or do you change its focus to better fit your current life?

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Three years, millions of recipes, and countless of emails have made this blog what it is. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do when I started it; I simply thought it would be an interesting project. Which it thankfully has. However, my teeny tiny apartment in NYC doesn’t accommodate my baking lifestyle. Frankly, it doesn’t allow for much besides a bed to sleep on and a place to hang my hat. Will this blog exist without weekly recipes and your insightful comments? Who knows?

I don’t know exactly what lies ahead for this blog. I love this little space of mine, a place where I can come and show things that make me happy. Not only do I find writing in this space fun, I have met some exceptionally wonderful people. Lovely ladies who make me laugh and smile. I wouldn’t trade those late night emails for the world.

Summer favorites, 81. 6, 2. Cherry Lime Ricky?

So. Here we are. I am not sure whats in store for this space. I have moments of spontaneity and want to shut it down. But I don’t want to end it when this new exciting chapter of my life is just starting. I think come September, this blog will be focused more on my life in New York City. Getting adjusted, taking millions of pictures, and exploring every nook and cranny? Does that sound like something you are interested in? I hope so. I would hate to see you all disappear but I understand.

If this is your first/last time here, thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ve entertained you in some way. For those who plan to stick around, thanks for your support. I’ve had a ton of fun and can’t wait to share my experiences here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Talk to you soon…

Leap of faith

19 Mar

The minute I shipped my graduate application off, I pushed the whole idea of graduate school out of my head. Literally. I erased every memory and thought I had about attending school because it didn’t seem realistic. Me? Living in New York City? Not going to happen.

However, when I saw the package sitting at my door late Monday night, everything came crashing down on me.

Folks, I got accepted to my top school and will be living in New York City where I will be studying the effects of communication on government and social change. I still can’t fathom it and probably won’t believe it until I set foot on campus.

To say I’m petrified is an understatement. My brain can’t wrap itself around the idea that this time next year I might be living in one of the biggest cities in the world. Even thinking about that makes my hands shake. However, I refuse to let this opportunity pass me by. I don’t want to regret not going when I’m older, because I know that is what I would do. Yes, financially, it will be tough. Yes, I will miss my loved ones. Yes, I will miss my beautiful California. Yes, it will be scary. I know the challenges that lie ahead but I know that this is a chance for me to have fun and do what I want to do.

Plus, I can’t wait to eat my way through New York City.

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