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Meet & Greets with NYC Bloggers

12 Jun

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Thanks to the power of Twitter, I became a little busy social bee last week! I had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely New York City bloggers, Lauren & Caroline, whose blogs I follow and love to read. While I have a handful of hilarious, sweet friends in the city, I am always looking for new interesting people to chat with.

The great thing about meeting bloggers via Twitter is that you get a better sense of who they are. Blogging is such a one-sided street and sometime, meeting a blogger can be a letdown because who YOU thought they were is not who THEY really are. However, the great social media gods remedied this problem with the invention of Twitter. Reading these ladies tweets and seeing their personality in 140 characters (or less) made sack up and see if they would be open to meeting up. And luckily, they were!

If you are looking for two new blogs to add to your expanding Google Reader (seriously, mine is crazy!), I highly recommend these two. During last week’s crazy apocalyptic weather, Lauren and I shared a drink and chatted about everything. Normally I’m pretty nervous about meeting people via the webs but she has been so kind and sweet, I didn’t feel awkward at all.

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On Friday, I visited the ever-so regal Plaza Hotel where I met with Caroline, who recently moved to NYC from Texas. Over delicious cocktails, we talked about celebrities, the perils of NYC, and the crazy world of blogging. I can’t wait to meet up with her again in the future and gab some more!

Hopefully, you all visit these two ladies. I think you will be definitely impressed!


Hester Street Fair

23 May

Last weekend I wandered with my pal Gen and her boyfriend to check out the Hester Street Fair. Small and cozy, there were lots of interesting vendors and good food. I tried the macarons because how can a girl resist? Next time I will definitely try the lobster rolls and pulled pork sammies. I met and chatted with Wink and Flip, a local jewelry maker. Her designs were very colorful and summer-appropriate. I picked one up for a friend and plan on going back for more Anthropologie-esque designs (without the price tag).

Gray gloomy skies are here to stay this week in NYC. We had one glimpse of sun on Saturday and I soaked it up completely. Of course, because NYC likes to keep you on your toes, it started to downpour. Cue my run to the closest taxi.

While the weather is not pleasant, I am happy that this coming Thursday I will be jetting off to California for a quick trip. There will be lots of smiles, laughter, and FOOD. I am literally going to soak up the California sun and hopefully bring it back to New York. A little dose of home is just what this girl needs!

Go big, or go home

15 May

New York

This weekend, after spending the past two weeks digging myself out of boxes and cleaning products, I ventured out in to my beloved NYC and actually explored.

With my camera.

Ground-breaking, right?

However, it felt… Amazing. Like I was back in business. After a really lonely winter and struggle with the blues, I’d like to think that I’m waking up again, which, coincidentally, matches the coming of summer. I’m not gonna sugarcoat things; the past few months have been rough. Real rough. I lose all enthusiasm for school and dealt with a copious amount of stress and dissatisfaction at work. Ask any of my friends and I was one negative nancy.


But, this weekend I felt like the old Amanda, er the new Amanda… The more lively Amanda, I guess.

What better way to celebrate the gorgeous weekend than a little excursion to get monster donuts. Donuts that have a loyal (albeit cultish) following. My friends and I made the trek to the Doughnut Plant, a Lower East Side doughnut shop that has a damn good reputation for delivering fatty, sweet doughnuts. The line was long, but not as bad as expected for a Saturday morning. However, I should warn you that the shop is teeny tiny. One man working the register, and at least a dozen customers excited to nosh their brains out.

While I love a good cake donut, this time I was all about the yeast kind. They had a range of flavors including Vanilla Bean, Coconut Cream, Valhrona Chocolate, Cashew, Fresh Mango, Creme Brulee, and so many more. Resisting the urge to get them all, I settled on a true winner: the Peanut Butter-glazed doughnut with Blackberry jam filling.


Oh. my. god.

It was heavenly. No, seriously. I heard angels sing. The salty crunchy peanut butter glaze combined with the sweet blackberry jam was exactly what I wanted. Not to mention, the actual monster-sized donut was pretty stellar. Soft, with a fried outside, but moist inside. It is sad to see a donut fall flat and thankfully, the Doughnut Plant’s did the exact opposite.

Next time, I plan on trying the fresh mango flavor because I just can’t imagine what mango + donut actually tastes like.

Till then, I will dream about the epic donut I had.

Springtime in NYC

8 May Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Walks in Central Park.

Moving in to a new place.

Gazing at fresh flowers.

I love spring in New York City.

Spring in Central Park

Getting Gorgeous!

3 Apr

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blog, bloggers, beauty, event, getting, gorgeous

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On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend the Getting Gorgeous event in Chelsea, which was aptly held on a stunningly fab day here in New York. Hundreds of bloggers and countless businesses were in the house, along with my dear friend Chris. Vera from I’m Not Obsessed kindly invited us and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

simply orange, juice, mimosa, getting, gorgeous, nyc, blog

Event attendees included Simply Orange (who happily gave us mimosas to enjoy while wandering the floor), Degree Women, Hanes (who talked me into trying their socks when enduring sweaty workouts), Sarah Potempa (who chatted with me about the importance of finding the PERFECT hair straighteners), Georgetown Cupcakes (drool!) and many more.

georgetown, cupcake, sweets, bakery, nyc, getting, gorgeous, blog

cupcake, georgetown, bakery, dessert, nyc, getting, gorgeous, event, blog

Go figure, I was more enthused about the cupcake than anything else. My friend Chris has the red velvet while I had some lemon-raspberry concoction. When I say they were droolworthy, I mean it. Moist and sweet, with a crazy delicious cream cheese frosting.

Overall, I had a fun time talking with vendors and snapping pictures like crazy. Once I got home, I dove in to the gift bag and found some cool stuff. I never knew Wheat Thins had Cinnamon Sticks, but hey, guess what? They do. Also, I found a product close to my heart… I don’t normally write about my work life but I was really happy to get these little gals in this bag.

getting, gorgeous, event, blog, nyc

What I loved the most about the event was seeing all the ladies come out in full force. White, yellow, purple, black, women from everywhere were here to celebrate their overall gorgeousness. Who doesn’t love that? Channeling my Spice Girls days, I’m all about girl power.

Thanks to Vera and the entire Getting Gorgeous staff for a lovely event!

Going Gluten-Free at BabyCakes NYC

27 Mar

donuts, sweets, babycakes, bakery, breakfast

When I think of gluten-free pastries, I think of dry baked goods, stiff to the touch. Thankfully, going gluten-free isn’t my lifestyle however, after trying Babycakes NYC, I might change my tune. In the midst of the gritty Lower East Side lies this little bakery. The minute I walked in , I knew it was my kind of place. While it was tiny, the attitude was cheerful and contagious, with some 90s rap playing in the background and cute, retro girls serving up some pastries. I don’t know what made me laugh more, the guy behind the counter trying to dance to “Back That Thang Up” or the girls rapping along to the song…

I had my heart set on donuts so that was my obvious choice. Looking at their display case, I felt indecisive and overwhelmed, as if I was shoe-shopping. Which one do I get? What if it isn’t as good as I had hoped? Why are there so many options?

donuts, babycakes, sweets, bakery, nyc, vanilla, breakfast

donuts, bakery, breakfast, nyc, babycakes

After my quick nervous meltdown, I went with my gut: vanilla doughnut with pink sprinkles. My friend went with the Lemon Coconut, which, by her guttural response, was delicious. Soft inside with a crunchy sugary outside, my donut was the best I had eaten in a while. I can’t remember eating a donut that didn’t knock me over the head with sugar, but somehow Babycakes delivers a sweet but not coma-inducing baked good. As for the rest of the products, I plan on coming back if I am back in that neighborhood. I hear they deliver too which is awfully tempting.

Clinton St. Baking Company

16 Mar

I had the pleasure of eating at Clinton St. Baking Company.

Folks, I waited 2 hours for these pancakes. TWO HOURS. For someone who never waits for anything, I was quite proud of myself.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

1 Dec

(note: oops, this post was supposed to go up on December 1! Sorry for the delay)

Today marks the beginning of my favorite month of the year. The next 25 days, I practically turn in to a nerdy elf who decorates her small apartment, makes tree-shaped sugar cookies, and listens to sappy Christmas songs. The holidays can bring out the worst in people, from holiday travelers to crazed shoppers. However, I focus my attention on the twinkling lights, decorated storefronts, and sugary treats at every corner. Between Christmas and my birthday, I’m a happy little camper. What makes this year even more special is that I get to spend half my time in wintery New York City and the other half in sunny California. I’m such a spoiled little brat, huh?

This past weekend, Christmas trees and poinsettias made their debut at stores and farmers market, bringing a little smile to face. I should also admit that I picked up a small Christmas Advent calendar, an annual tradition that I personally love. Chocolate everyday? Heck yea!

More than ever, I feel so blessed this holiday season with my family and loved ones. When you live 3,000 miles away from all your nearest and dearest, you start to see the important things in life. Comfort, love, happiness, laughter. These are the essentials, guys. This holiday season, why not indulge in those four things and count your lucky stars for everything that you have been given?

Catching up…

22 Nov

Where do I even start?

How about Thanksgiving plans. What are you all doing? I am heading to Brooklyn to cook and bake up a storm with an old high school friend. Can you believe that we both happen to be in New York at the same time? It’s a blessing to have her near and I can’t wait to get our feast going. Right now, our menu consists of: sweet potato salad, roasted green beans, creamy mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, turkey (duh), mushroom gravy, apple crumb pie and pumpkin pie.

I think my pants just popped thinking about it.

I’m a little sad that I have posted more here but to be honest, I don’t have the brain power for it. Between working 40 hours a week and being a full-time grad student, my brain tends to be fried by the time I get home.

However, I should say that I can’t wait to get home for Christmas break. I miss California and my quiet little home. I miss waking up to the smell of hot coffee, eating breakfast wile looking at the garden, and chatting with my friends over cheap beers. I’m only in town for 3 weeks but that should give me the kind of boost I need.

Anyways, I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and the hearty meal. I plan on kicking off the baking season real soon here since Christmas is only a month away.



8 Nov

This weekend was one of those re-energizing, quiet weekends that I just adore. I worked on a big graduate paper, walked around Madison Square Park, saw the leaves and their pretty colors, made my own beef stew, and started brainstorming Thanksgiving recipes. That’s right, the other transplants and I are having are very own Thanksgiving and I am so excited. I already know I’m making pumpkin pie but I need another dessert option. Any ideas?

Fall favorites
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Since I am in such a festive mood, I wanted to share my recent Flickr favorites. It seems as if I haven’t shared mine in forever! Enjoy and have a good Monday!

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