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Outfit Inspiration – New Series!

14 Jun

Today marks the beginning of Outfit Inspiration, a new series on SLH! Style, not just fashion, has always been a hobby of mine and after moving to NYC, it has become an even bigger passion. The women in New York are gorgeous, sophisticated, chic, trendy… I’ve heard it said that the most stunning women in the world live in Manhattan and I wouldn’t debate that! Beautiful, confident and effortlessly stylish, I think New York women could give those Parisians a run for their money.

With inspiration on every corner, I figured I’d share some of my favorites here in this little space of mine. Now some of you might be wondering if this is going to become a fashion blog and the answer is NO! SLH is a place where inspiration runs wild, from fashion to food. And everything in between :) Anyways, here is my first post.

This Proenza Schouler dress worn on Jamie King is the epitome of summertime chic. From the prints to the cut, I wish I had enough money to buy my own. Till then, I’ll just swoon over this picture.


lady I love- Michelle Williams

26 May

Without a doubt, Michelle Williams has found herself as a main fixture in the tabloids this past year. Despite personal tragedies, she has kept herself to of sight for a while until recently when she joined the cast of her recent film at The Cannes Film Festival. Always one for fresh and interesting fashion choices, I was impressed with her choice of dresses. This got me thinking about how I haven’t done a “Lady I Love” fashion post in a while so why not highlight Ms. Williams, as I am fan of her unique style?

Michelle’s fashion choices feel fresh, youthful, yet not overly trendy. She doesn’t stray from color and embraces simple makeup, which helps her vibrant clothes pop more. Who can forget that mustard yellow dress she wore for the Oscars years ago? In a sea of boring and predictable trends, Michelle’s outfits feel like her, and not as if some fashion stylist just threw these clothes at her.  

The purple tiered dress she wore at the Cannes Film Festival is one of my personal favorites. I tend to stay away from dresses like these because they fall flat or are overdone, but this one takes the cake. Why? Because the rest of her outfit is simple, from her makeup to her hair. In fact, I want to mimic her slightly smoky eye and lightly tousled hair.

The flapperesque lace ensemble had many thinking that she looked like an old granny but I thought it was a wise choice, regarding the french settings and old Hollywood atmosphere. Doesn’t it look like something a character out of The Great Gatbsy would wear? Not to mention, the red lipstick against her pale skin with the nicely coiffed hair all complement the style of the dress.

Off the red carpet, Michelle wears clothes that reflect her lifestyle- low maintenance, subtle, fresh. I adore the navy blue dress she wore with her cute little hat because it looks really comfortable and not overly boxy.  Without a doubt, Michelle WIlliams is one to watch!

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