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Hester Street Fair

23 May

Last weekend I wandered with my pal Gen and her boyfriend to check out the Hester Street Fair. Small and cozy, there were lots of interesting vendors and good food. I tried the macarons because how can a girl resist? Next time I will definitely try the lobster rolls and pulled pork sammies. I met and chatted with Wink and Flip, a local jewelry maker. Her designs were very colorful and summer-appropriate. I picked one up for a friend and plan on going back for more Anthropologie-esque designs (without the price tag).

Gray gloomy skies are here to stay this week in NYC. We had one glimpse of sun on Saturday and I soaked it up completely. Of course, because NYC likes to keep you on your toes, it started to downpour. Cue my run to the closest taxi.

While the weather is not pleasant, I am happy that this coming Thursday I will be jetting off to California for a quick trip. There will be lots of smiles, laughter, and FOOD. I am literally going to soak up the California sun and hopefully bring it back to New York. A little dose of home is just what this girl needs!


Springtime in NYC

8 May Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Spring in Central Park

Walks in Central Park.

Moving in to a new place.

Gazing at fresh flowers.

I love spring in New York City.

Spring in Central Park

Salad tales + goodbye April

23 Apr

You know it’s spring when the weeks start to fly by. I looked at my calendar this morning in early morning haze and couldn’t believe my eyes. One week till the end of April?! Insane! I had great plans to celebrate springs arrival and lo and behold spring is almost over! Oh well… That just means I will push all my picnic parties and road trip plans to May.

However, I couldn’t let this week pass by without telling you about the most delicious salad I had the privilege of eating last week. This farmers market salad from Pronto’s was comprised of roasted chicken, mixed greens, corn, avocado, tomatoes, almonds, cornbread croutons, and a creamy tarragon dressing.

Did you read that? Cornbread croutons. Avocado. Tarragon dressing.

I was literally in heaven. I know I say that a lot but this salad made me swoon. The flavors and various textures blended together and created an unforgettable dish. The cornbread croutons were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The avocado was perfectly ripe and balanced the creamy Tarragon dressing. The original dish comes with dates and goat cheese but I’m not a fan of either so I left them off. I am looking to fix a homemade version of this beloved salad during the weekend. I don’t know if I can do cornbread croutons since a pan of cornbread is more likely to be devoured with a big bowl of chili than in a salad. However, I will try my best.

I hope you all have a delightful and delicious weekend. Enjoy your April before it’s too late!

Another Monday

19 Apr

Here we are, on another Monday.

How was your weekend? I hope you had enough time to do whatever it is that you needed.

I’m simply wishing for a longer weekend…

So much sun, I think it might have left me intoxicated.

April is passing by so quickly, it makes my head spin.

Spring break + recipes

30 Mar

Don’t you love the way the universe works? Two weeks after I decided to study in NYC, California hits me with gorgeous weather. The kind of sunshine and blue sky that makes your heart hurt. My leaving is bittersweet as I am a California girl. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else but it seems that pretty soon I will see how it feels.

I don’t have a recipe for you this week, nor do I have big plans for Easter. I am looking to make a minted quinoa salad and partaking in some lovely ham and roasted green beans. Forever a child, I’m going to decorate eggs in pretty shades of pink and  blue. Who knows, I might actually reconnect with my lovely camera who has been neglected these past two weeks.

Anyways, I rounded up some of my favorite Easter recipes, dishes or treats that would make any person happy. Enjoy the week and holiday, even if you are celebrating it or not!

ps. I changed the blog’s look, giving it a needed-makeover. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Spring recipes:
Blackberry Jam Cake
Buttermilk Cookies
Carrot Tea Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Lemon Curd Tartlets
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Orange Berry Muffins
Sour Cream Raspberry Swirl Loaf

Friday Playlist

26 Mar

The weeks are going by fast now. Spring passes by in a flurry and I find myself tyring to play catch-up most of the time. It makes me anxious to think that March is basically over, and that the wonderful month of April is upon us. I still thought we were in February! That just goes to show what happens when life is going good, right? To counteract the swiftly passing days, I plan on relaxing all weekend, soaking up the sun’s rays, taking as many pictures as possible, and listening to all the new music I bought (my poor credit card hates me).

This Friday Playlist will be on repeat for the entire weekend. Hopefully you enjoy the tunes as much as I do! See you on Monday…

– “Run” Vampire Weekend
– “Stillness is the Move” Dirty Projectors
– “Fine For Now” Grizzly Bear
– “The Ghost Inside” Broken Bells
– “Don’t Look Back” She & Him
– “Say Please” Monsters of Folk
– “Devil In You” The Watson Twins

Mini Lemon Curd Cheesecakes

22 Mar

I don’t know if you got the memo but spring is here. Didn’t you notice? The sun is out, flowers are blooming, and the days are longer. Once March rolls around, I’m ready to burn my winter coats and lock my rain boots up. Springtime in Sacramento (and probably all of California) is picturesque, almost painfully so. Being stuck in a windowless cubicle feels like torture, and I keep petitioning to take my work outside but the superiors aren’t going for it. I guess I will have to settle for spending the rest of my day outside with a glass of iced tea and a pile of books with my name all over them.

When my nose isn’t stuck in a book (or in front of the computer screen), I’m spending my evenings out with my friends, gathering over good drinks and tasty food. While some people live for summer gatherings, spring potlucks and parties are my favorite. Soft lights, comfortable chairs, easy laughter, good food. Scouring the web, I found this Lemon Curd Cheesecake recipe. Don’t you just love the internet? How else would I find such a handy recipe during my lunch break? There is no way I’d lug around my favorite cookbooks. God love them, but they weigh a ton. Plus, it would look a little weird if they saw me in full on research mode.

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an open door

13 Apr

I know what you are thinking. “What the hell is going on?”, “Where is she?” “Did she forget about her blog?”. The truth is, I haven’t felt the urge to blog or write in general about anything these past weeks. Which, ironically, is when I should be writing because that is when feelings/emotions get all pent up. But just because I haven’t been here doesn’t mean I haven’t been active. I twitter, I flickr, I follow other favorite blogs. But coming here and writing down what I’ve been thinking about seemed like such a chore. Actually, leaving my house at all seemed like such a chore!

Finally, this morning I woke up and realized that it was time to shake off this sad cloud and live life with an open door, welcoming all and any challenges. It’s April, the sun is shining, and you have no excuse for hiding out in your house. I strapped on my running shoes which had been idle for a week, felt my heart race and the sweat drip down my face. It’s hard to put in to words what I felt, but it was a great moment.

Another great moment was finally feeling the urge to get back in the kitchen. This whole living-your-own transition is ten times harder than I thought. I never thought that growing up was so hard but that final clean break is killer. No wonder I’ve felt out of it! Learning to take care if yourself both physically and mentally are skills you can only gain through experience and I am getting better at it everyday.

You know what helps with this transition? Peanut butter brownies. Yup, how could I stay away from the allure of peanut butter. It was fate, destined to be. 

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have I lost you, flightless bird…

1 Apr

Since I have yet to get my act together in the kitchen, I thought I’d share some of my current obsessions. I’m a simple girl and the little things rock my socks off.

Like realizing that my favorite girl, Jenny Lewis, is coming to town! Awesome! I already bought my tickets and can’t wait…

Enjoy the rest of my obsessions following the cut:)

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friday flickr favorites

27 Mar

Lots of white, pastel hues, and soft light. Spring is definitely on my mind!


Flickr Favorites

Flickr Favorites

1. Would you like your Red Velvet cupcake served with bokeh?, 2. I ♥ cupcakes!, 3. IMGB_DeerMontage3, 4. chips and chips and chips, 5. Untitled, 6. March 22, 7. It’s spring…, 8. Untitled, 9. trying to figure out my imac, 10. Cornflake-Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookie, 11. Chicken Marsala, 12. chocolate covered gummibears, 13. Pioneer Square in the snow, 14. a box for you…, 15. Coconut Macaroons, 16. inner beauty, 17. It’s Gettin’ Easy., 18. Happy Weekend!, 19. muscles, 20. treats for the weary, 21. Cupcakes Party, 22. kitchen shelf, 23. Kelly street, 24. Vegan Cupcakes, 25. I am a runner, 26. Tiramisu, 27. March 18, 28. sandie, 29. في عيني ما مثله والله‎, 30. Untitled, 31. 3-16-09, 32. A hint of green., 33. 20090220_2720 copy, 34. Chocolate Mint Cupcake, 35. gq outtakes, 36. Chai Spiced Pancakes

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